Middle Aged Woman
Middle Aged Woman

Group Session
Group Session


Learn, live and love Italian! Choose your goal, try the program with your teacher and... speak italian! From Beginner to Advanced Level
A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2


Study at home with a real teacher!


Survivor Italian




Learn phrases you're likely to speak frequently. Choose this program, book a lesson and travels in Italy! Now!

you can purchase the lessons week by week:
1 hr:  25 $


you can purchase the lessons week by week:
1 hr:  30 $


Marco is an Italian native and has been teaching Italian for over 10 years. Former Translator at the European Parliament, he still teaches Italian privately, including her passion as Travelplanner inside unknown Italy.


Enjoy your Italian Class! 

Free Lesson Trial

I send you copies of readings (and/or couple of exercises) we will go through together; plus discussion on topic in ITALIAN : full immersion


You can stay comfortable at home with your real private Tutor (not a CD), an educated native and experienced Teacher to foreigners delivering a rich and amazing culture.


Besides learning new words and verbs, you will speak in a variety of contexts, meaning you will use proper terms based on context, and not just memorizing as you do with CDs and software. You get a real conversation with a native speaker.


You will learn nuances and differences of synonymous while speaking, you get the grammar tricks and idiomatic expressions based on topic and language registry; you also learn/improve -in real time- the correct pronunciation, the cultural meaning of a word or sentence that no books can deliver that fast and easy!


You will LOVE Skype lessons!! Especially during the winter ;-) 



What you need:

1- A computer + INTERNET

2- A PayPal Account (payment must be submitted before the lesson starts)

3- your smile and a relaxed mind projected to beauty and musicality.